MCPCB Assembly


Disjointed relationships between MCPCB fabrication and assembly inevitably require more money and time in PCB production. In order to reduce customers' PCB projects related management costs, enabling them to concentrate on product design thus increasing the probability of delivery against time-to-market deadlines, SUNNY PCB expanded our business to offer both printed circuit board fabrication and assembly services.

In MCPCB Of Led Lighting asselbly, these test below would be running :

Lighting Performance Test :
  1. Goniophotometer: To measure Luminous Intensity, Total Luminous, Flux, Spread Angle, Illuminance (lux) etc.
  2. Spectroradiometer: To measure Luminous Flux, Luminous Efficacy, Chromaticity Co-ordinate, CCT, and CRI.
Electrical Performance Test :
  1. AC/DC Power Hi-Tester : To power up the SSL in ‘Operating Life Test’ and ‘Power Cycle Test’.
  2. Memory Hi-Logger : To monitor the temperature and voltage status during ‘Operating Life Test’.
  3. Programmable AC Source : To generate required input power for ‘Product Electrical Performance Test’
  4. DC Electronic Load : To simulate test load for ‘LED Driver Electrical Performance Test’.
Safety Performance Test :.
  1. Leakage Current Tester : To measure leakage current of SSL driver/lamp to meet safety requirement.
  2. Hi-Pot/IR/GB Tester : To perform ‘Insulation Resistance Test’, ‘Electric Strength (Hi-Pot) Test/Ground Bonding Test’ to meet safety requirement.
  3. Optical Output Flickering Meter : To measure optical output flickering as per PSE standards.
Burn in Test:
         Under simulated condition, we design fixture and others tooling to burn in all production or sampling to ensure LED Lighting could run reliably.
Now only MCPCB assembly ( Lead free, RoHS , Halogen Free) is available , for others PCB assembly, please email to us for especially talking,